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National Geographic kids Snakes
by Melissa Stewart

It was a cool book!

The 500 Hats Of Bartholomew Cubbins By Dr. Seuss
by Dr. Seuss

It was about a boy named Bartholomew who went to town to sell a basket of cranberries. When the king's chariot passed through town everyone bowed and took of their hats, except Bartholomew had a problem with his. When he took one off another appeared. The king was angry and took him to the castle. They tried over and over to take his hat off but hats kept appearing on his head. They forced him to the dungeon and this point he had taken off hundreds of hats and they slowly started to get fancier. In the end when the king said he will buy his hat for a lot of gold the last hat on his head.

Five Little Ducks
by Debbie Tarbett

Great noises to go with the story!

Judy Moody And The Bucket List
by Megan Mcdonald

I enjoyed the story. Lots of details!

Recipe For Murder
by Carolyn Keene

This book was very suspenseful. I enjoyed reading it and the ending was a surprise.

Another Quest For Celeste
by Henry Cole

This wonderful novel is written very well, and I enjoyed reading Henry Cole's sequel to A Nest for Celeste,Another Quest for Celeste. Follow Celeste (a mouse) in the 1800s as she ventures on the Paducah Queen,a steamboat going upriver on the Mississippi River, and into a forest where she discovers what home really is. This historical-fiction novel really put a new thought into my mind about home and the heart.

by Judy Blume

I really like the book Superfudge because its very entertaining. this book is entertaining because in this story Peter and his family move to New Jersey for one whole year . Also while they're at New Jersey Fudge [Peter's younger brother] get's a myna bird, and their mother has another baby who they call Tootsie. I really enjoyed this book it was great.

Galaxy Zack Book 4
by Ray O'ryan

the book is about a boy named Zack who meets a different creature from a planet called plexus Zack thought the creature was a monster that are dagres

91 Story Treehouse Book
by Andy Griffiths Treehouse Series Books

It was good. Someone's nose explodes!

Shouting At The Rain
by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

This book was a wonderful find. If you have read other books by Mrs. Hunt, you will love this one. It is exiting and emotional. Pick up Shouting at the Rain when you get the chance. You won't be disappointed!

With The Might Of Angels
by Andrea Davis Pinkney

A great book for anyone!

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